23/06/2022 at 11.00 Cybersecurity in the organization - from what ...

The meeting will be chaired by Sławomir Pyrek, Project Manager in the EXATEL Sales Support Team.

Cybersecurity in the organization - where to start and how to develop?

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  What are we going to say at the meeting:

- What are the key elements of cybersecurity in the organization?

- Where to start and what to take care of in the next stages?

- What can and should be done on your own, and what should be entrusted to external experts?

- 2022 - how does the current situation affect the level of cyber threats and the approach to ICT security?

The meeting will lead Sławomir Pyrek, Project Manager in the Sales Support Team EXATEL.

He specializes in services and products related to the area of cybersecurity, including Security Operation Center services, consulting services and technologies in the field of cybersecurity, incl.

Next Generation Firewall, Adavanced Threat Protection, Endpoint Protection, SIEM, Vulnerability Assesmen. He has over 20 years of professional experience, dozens of implemented solutions for Enterprise-class clients.

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