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Why is it worth joining us?   

  • Access to new markets - belonging to the Sinotaic Cluster enables technology companies and public institutions to reach new markets.
  • Cooperation with foreign partners - a place for meetings and exchange of experiences between companies and institutions from different countries, which can lead to interesting business partnerships.
  • Support in technological development - access to specialist knowledge and tools that can help companies develop new products or services.
  • Transregional integration - organization of events and initiatives that enable companies and institutions to go beyond local communities, thanks to which they can reach global markets faster.
  • Support in obtaining financing - they cooperate with financial institutions, help companies in obtaining financing for the development of their projects.
  • Benefits for local governments and cities - belonging to the Sinotaic cluster can help local governments and cities improve the quality of life of their residents by introducing innovative technological solutions and strengthening their position on the international market.