Inauguration of the Smart City subgroup.

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As part of the cooperation between the Polish IoT & AI Sinotaic Cluster and the Chancellery of the Prime Minister in the field of EDIH, we use the distinction of being able to co-create the GRAI conference.

The role of AI in the area of Smart City Smart city subgroup - inauguration of the subgroup:

10.50 Ceremonial signing of a letter of intent on cooperation between SINOTAIC and the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.

16.00 Inauguration of the AI working group in a smart city in which we are a leader.

We invite you to participate in the conference TRANSMISSION LINK.

We present the speakers: Adriana Kamińska-Flak City of Katowice, Bogusław Zbyszewski PANova, Sebastian Temich APA Group, Marcin Dziekański GZM, Anna Biała - Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Mariusz Bednarz - Podkarpackie Voivodeship, Natalia Galica - National Science Center, Dagmara Gęborys - Kamienna Góra Economic Zone SME, Krzysztof Kielec - Kostrzyńsko -Słubicka Economic Zone, Rafał Magryś - Exatel, Szymon Ruman - Exatel

More information and the current agenda ON THE EVENT PAGE.

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