New Members!

We are honored to welcome among the Members of the Polish IoT Cluster and AI Sinotaic - Rebels Software Sp. z o. o

“The company focuses on the implementation of IoT projects only. We specialize in cloud solutions (Azure). In total, we employ 5 software engineers in the company (4 cloud and 1 embedded) and we are growing in general. We have the competence to implement the IoT project from the level of firmware, communication of devices with the cloud through the creation of an IoT architecture in the cloud and a simple UI - a complete solution of the IoT platform.

We started our business journey with cooperation with an American partner with whom we jointly develop and create a product/tool in Azure, thanks to which we can run and scale IoT platforms in a repeatable and fast way without creating a code from scratch every time. Thanks to this, we can also very quickly (within a few weeks) launch a pilot - an IoT platform with a simple UI. Of course, the issue of connecting devices to the cloud is individual. Our mission is to help businesses enter the IoT world, we want to be a partner for our clients. We provide and develop a cloud solution with IoT architecture and the client focuses on his business. Our goal is also to enter the EU market with our services.”


Co-Founder & Head of Operations

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