Welcome to the group of members of the Polish IoT and AI Cluster…

SIMLAB brings with him a new perspective and extensive experience in the field of technology. We are convinced that their presence in the Sinotaic cluster will contribute to our common mission of developing innovative solutions in the field of future technologies. 👉SIMLAB"We are a technology company focused on digitizing buildings and creating software for the construction and IoT market. We create interactive object models based on digital, three-dimensional scans, correlated with data from sensors installed in the building. Our main goal is to cross the boundaries between Smart Home technology systems and intelligent digital environments based on IoT sensors, making them available to a wide group of users.”

You can find more about SIMLAB 👉https://simlabinc.com

We warmly welcome you to... #Sinotaic and we are looking forward to inspiring and fruitful cooperation!

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