New Industry 4.0 Conference October 4-5, 2022 International ...

We invite you to participate in the conference: "Nowy Przemysł 4.0", 🏭

We especially recommend the panel in which Aleksander Stanik will take part, we will discuss the changes, challenges and the future of the Polish industry, i.e. 🔵Technology of the future🔵

• Artificial intelligence, Big Data, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), 5G

• Technologies that will determine the future of industrial production. Their proven applications, business benefits, prospects for use in the near future

• Experiences of Polish industrial companies

• How to effectively implement revolutionary solutions in the company? Scaling, staging and complexity: what tactics to adopt and how to avoid pitfalls?

• Infrastructure, logistics, competences, cooperation with the supplier and other key determinants of the effectiveness of implementations

🗓️When - 2022/10/04 at 13:34

➡️Where - MCK Katowice Ballroom B

➡️Register -,1731.html

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