A new approach and tools to manage IT infrastructure. Admission…

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Ladies and gentlemen,

The Silesian Internet of Things Cluster SINOTAIC, together with Polska Cloud and partners creating the IoT / Smart City digital innovation hub, invite you to the next webinar on the digitization of the activities of SMEs and local government units.

Already 1.07. at.10.00 you will be able to learn about the benefits of using cloud solutions for both SMEs and local governments during the meeting entitled:

"A new approach and tools to manage IT infrastructure.
Introduction to the use of cloud computing for administration and business. "

In recent years, cloud computing has ceased to be just a fashionable and mysterious concept. Its benefits have been appreciated by business and state administration, for which it has become one of the basic tools ensuring data security and business continuity. The pandemic only strengthened this process. It happened because cloud computing allows not only to reduce the costs of maintaining the company's IT infrastructure, but above all increases its reliability, security and availability. Undoubtedly, however, migration to the cloud requires many organizational changes and appropriate preparation.

That is why Polish Cloud prepared a short webinar for companies and institutions that want to take the first step towards the cloud. During the meeting, we will answer the following questions:

  • What does the cloud change and what are the benefits of migrating to the cloud?
  • What services does the market offer and how do they change the approach to IT infrastructure management?

We invite all companies and local government units that are looking for the best way to digital transformation and a reliable source of information on Polish cloud services to participate in the webinar.

About the Polish Cloud

Polska Chmura is an agreement of leading Polish cloud service providers. Their mission is to provide secure cloud solutions and educate companies, institutions and the public in the field of cloud services, which are one of the foundations of the country's digital transformation.

The Polish Cloud includes cloud service providers with data processing centers in Poland. These are: Asseco Data Systems, ComPaas, Equinix, Infomex, Main, Netia, the Science and Technology Park in Opole, Polcom, Sinersio, Talex, Wrocław Center for Networking and Supercomputing.

We invite you to participate!

Registration for:

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