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The idea of ​​the Silesian IoT Cluster.

As shown by research on the Internet of Things market in the world and in Poland, it is an industry not only with a huge, if not the greatest, development potential, but also of strategic importance for every economy.

In order to take advantage of the opportunities that this branch of industry brings, the idea of ​​using the potential of Silesian companies, universities, research institutes and non-governmental organizations in the field of IoT and the creation of the Silesian IoT Cluster was born.

Why Cluster?

The integration of intellectual strength, human capital, technological thought, and above all, the development of innovative solutions based on the experience, technological potential and know-how of Silesian companies and research units was one of the main factors supporting the creation of the Cluster.

Cluster goals

The aim of the cluster is to use the potential of entities operating in Silesia in the area of ​​the Internet of Things by:

  • integration of entities operating in Silesia in the area of ​​the Internet of Things,
  • the creation of global products and solutions in the field of the Internet of Things by cluster members, which will be offered to recipients abroad and in the country,
  • creating solutions in the field of IoT in cooperation with research institutes, universities and target recipients, so that research and development projects are developed for the needs of the market and find practical application there,
  • using the potential of the Internet of Things industry in the process of transforming the region from a coal-based economy to the latest technologies,
  • integration and development, supporting the activities of companies operating in various areas of IoT in Silesia and creating the center of this strategically important industry here,
  • creating an example of an excellent public-private partnership involving cooperation of all three sectors: I. administration, II. business and III. non-governmental organizations and scientific institutions,
  • creating a kind of implementation center for Internet of Things solutions in Silesia by integrating native solutions in the region,
  • use of existing funds to build a center for creating Internet of Things products in Silesia and in the world, which will be distinguished by safety and high quality of workmanship.

One of the foundations of the action will also be based on the idea of ​​sustainable and fair development so as to ensure not only economic development, but through this, and through the nature of the solutions created and their implementation locally, to improve the quality of life of the region's citizens.

The aim will also be to create new jobs, but above all, to enable companies from the region to develop, expand and, as a result, gain sales markets abroad for the sale of services and products on a global scale.

Why Silesia?

Silesia stands out from the rest of the country with a few important features that speak in favor of locating the Cluster here:

  • high work culture
  • very high commitment to work
  • very high quality of work
  • intellectual potential
  • technological potential
  • infrastructure and demography

Silesia is currently undergoing a transformation between coal-based heavy industry and new technologies. It is a great opportunity, not only economic, but also social, which deserves special attention and support.

Silesia creates exceptionally favorable conditions for investment in its area. On the other hand, Silesia, through the abovementioned features, also creates perfect conditions for the emergence and development of domestic technology companies in the most innovative fields.

As a cluster, we will create an ecosystem of cooperation between business entities, universities and administration in Silesia, which will function according to best practices from technologically developed countries.

Members of the Silesian IoT Cluster

Smart Secure Networks - Cluster Coordinator


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