New Members!
We are pleased to announce that to the esteemed group of Members Sinotaic cluster company joinedHuman Partnerr'. We are glad that we will be able to share our knowledge and experience and cooperate with other industry leaders. Our mission is to focus on the latest solutions and continuous development, which is why we are sure that this cooperation will bring many benefits to the entire community. We can't wait to start our adventure together!”

Human Partner Sp. z o. o. specializes in creating and delivering educational solutions based on digital technologies, e.g. virtual reality (VR), rapid e-learning, simulation.

The solutions are mainly used by leaders representing small and medium-sized enterprises and the public sector. Actively involved in the development of the ecosystem for digital technologies. He cooperates with many business organizations responsible for supporting innovation (e.g. clusters, employers' organizations). The company's president represents the business community in the Monitoring Committee of the new FENG 2021-2027 and FERC programs, as well as the Monitoring Committee of the FEDS 2021-2027 regional program.

Human Partner is a member of the European Digital Education Hub and the international Pact for Skills network at the European Commission. The company is a laureate of the European Commission's international award - VET Excellence Awards 2018 - for the best training program in the workplace.

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